Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Elusive George Gibbins

George GIBBINS, possible son of Edward GIBBINS and Mary QUICK, was born about 1755, died in Broadclyst Devonshire, and was buried on 21 Jan 1841 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire.
General Notes: I have not been able to find the christening and therefore not confirmed who George's parents are. I believe him to be a child of Edward Gibbins as Edward was christening children in Bickleigh at this time, 1735 to 1755.
• Occupation: Farmer.
• Residence: Abt 1781, Well Place Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire. The Land Tax Assessments show George renting Well Place from Mrs Gill from 1789 to 1792
• Residence: Abt 1795, Bradford Farm Halberton Devonshire. The Land Tax Assessments show George renting Pitt and Bradford, tax levied at £7-9-2
• Residence: Abt 1824, Pound Tenement Silverton Devonshire. The Land tax Assessments show George renting Pound from, what looks like the name Gwyn, tax paid was £3-6-6d. George took on apprentices for Pound, James King aged 10 in 1820 and William Hollett aged 9 in 1833
• Residence: Abt 1832, Town Silverton Devonshire. The Land Tax Assessments show he paid a tax of £3-6-4
• Residence: Abt 1841, Broadclyst Devonshire.

George married Elizabeth BURSELL on 1 Aug 1781 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire. Elizabeth was born about 1756 and was buried on 23 Feb 1837 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire. Marriage Notes: Witness: Jane and Eleanor Clapp
General Notes: I have searched for many years to find Elizabeth's parents to no avail, but I would think she is a relative of the BURSELL family from Halberton.

Their children:

+ 2 F i Mary GIBBINS was christened on 30 Jun 1782 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire.
+ 3 M ii. George GIBBINS was christened on 11 Nov 1784 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire and died on 16 Sep 1858 in Cullompton Devonshire aged 73.
4 F iii. Elizabeth GIBBINS was christened on 17 Sep 1787 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire.
+ 5 F iv. Sarah GIBBINS was christened on 14 Feb 1790 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire.
6 F v. Mary GIBBINS was born on 9 Aug 1791 and was christened on 9 Apr 1792 in Cullompton Devonshire.
7 M vi. Edward GIBBINS was christened on 26 Dec 1793 in Tiverton Devonshire, died in Halberton Devonshire, and was buried on 30 May 1794 in Bickleigh Tiverton Devonshire.
+ 8 M vii. John GIBBINS was born on 17 Mar 1795 in Halberton Devonshire, was christened on 6 Jan 1796 in Cullompton Devonshire, died on 8 Mar 1856 aged 60, and was buried on 15 Mar 1856 in Broadclyst Devonshire.
9 F viii. Jane GIBBINS was born in Halberton Devonshire and was christened on 30 Jan 1799 in Butterleigh Devonshire.

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