Monday, 16 March 2009


Good day m’dears.

The reason for doing a blog is so that I can share my genealogy research. It seems a shame to leave it sat on the hard drive going nowhere, and it would be wonderful if I can find answers to the many questions and gaps I have.

I also have a passion for sheepdogs. We have had Border Collies for many years and now have two Australian Kelpies. So will use the blog to help these wonderful dogs get recognition and the right kind of home this busy little dog needs, too many are ending up needing re homing.

My Hatley family came to Hampshire from the Shutford area of Oxfordshire, a Catholic family. I hope to put a chart on here to describe this family and my research.

The Gibbins name is my husband’s, all from Devon. I want to get this tree back further, but am stuck with being unable to find the parents and christening, c. 1756 of one George Gibbins of Bickleigh near Tiverton. To try and find this man I have started to work on a One Name Study of Gibbins and all its many spellings variations in Devon before 1760. This has led me, with help of my very good friend Elizabeth Howard, to glean notes on many interesting Gibbons families, some out side the county, like the musical Gibbons, Orlando and Edward, the ancestors of the Historian Edward or Edmund Gibbon. I also have notes on Heraldry.

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