Monday, 30 March 2009

Thomas Gibb(e)on's Family Chart

The descent of Thomas from John and then William is proven by the wills of William Harte and John of Taunton. Spelling of the surname vary.

Thomas' parents both died when he was young, so who cared for the family after that?

Descendants of John GIBBENS
1-John GIBBENS b. Cir 1530, d. After 1609
--2-John GIBBENS of Taunton Castle b. Cir 1565, d. Bef 19 May 1610
+Thomasine HARTE m. 14 Dec 1588, St. Mary Magdalene Taunton Somerset, par.
William HARTE and Elizabeth
--3-John GIBBENS
--3-William GIBBENS of Holcomb Rogus b. Cir 1590, bur. 2 Jan 1618/19,
Holcomb Rogus Devonshire
+Johane ZEALE b. Cir 1594, m. 18 Jun 1613, Ansford Somerest, bur. 26 May
1619, Holcomb Rogus Devonshire, par. Thomas ZEALE and Unknown
--4-?? Major Thomas GIBBON M.P.?? of Christow c. 1616, Holcomb Rogus
Devonshire, d. 1 Mar 1666/67, Whitestone Exeter Devonshire, bur. 4
Mar 1666/67, Christow Devonshire
+Elizabeth DAVY of Canonteign d. 6 Jul 1660, bur. 6 Jul 1660,
Christow Devonshire, par. Robert DAVY and Rachell
--5-Thomas GIBBON b. Abt 1650, bur. 21 Sep 1715, St Lawrence, Exeter
--5-Edmund GIBBON of Tiverton c. 28 Feb 1653/54, Christow Devonshire,
bur. 1701, St. Peter's Tiverton
--5-Mallor GIBBINS c. 16 Aug 1656, Christow Devonshire
--5-Robert GIBBINS c. 23 Jun 1658, Christow Devonshire
--5-Three Daughters GIBBINS
+Margaret bur. 6 Sep 1684, Christow Devonshire
--4-Thomasine GIBBENS c. 31 Mar 1616, Holcomb Rogus Devonshire
--4-John GIBBENS c. 19 Feb 1617/18, Holcomb Rogus Devonshire
--3-Robert GIBBENS
--3-Philip GIBBENS
--3-Thomas GIBBENS
--4-Thomas GIBBENS c. 5 Mar 1611/12, St. James Taunton
--4-Jaine GIBBENS c. 20 Jan 1614/15, St. James Taunton
--3-Thomazine GIBBENS
--3-Mary GIBBENS
--3-Jane GIBBENS
--3-Dorthie GIBBENS
--3-Elizabeth GIBBENS
--2-Unknown GIBBENS
--3-Elizabeth TOMPKINS
--2-Susan GIBBENS

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